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The Best Korean Drama

The Best Korean Drama

2009 Drama Awards

2009 MBC Drama Awards
Daesang (Grand Prize): Go Hyun-jung (Queen Seon-deok)
Drama of the Year: Queen Seon-deok
Top Excellence, Actress: Kim Nam-joo (Queen of Housewives), Lee Yo-won (Queen Seon-deok)
Top Excellence, Actor: Uhm Tae-woong (Queen Seon-deok), Yoon Sang-hyun (Queen of Housewives)
Excellence Award, Actress: Lee Hye-young (Queen of Housewives), Go Na-eun(Assorted Gems)
Excellence Award, Actor: Kim Nam-gil (Queen Seon-deok), Choi Chul-ho (Queen of Housewives)
New Actress: Seo Woo (Tamra the Island), Im Joo-eun (Hon)
New Actor: Yoo Seung-ho (Queen Seon-deok), Lee Seung-hyo (Queen Seon-deok)
Popularity Award: Lee Junki (Hero), Seo Woo (Tamra the Island)
Golden Acting Award, Miniseries Category: Kim Chang-hwan, Na Young-hee (Queen of Housewives)
Golden Acting Award, Serial Drama: Kim Young-ok, Jung Hye-sun (Assorted Gems)
Golden Acting Award, Supporting Role: Ahn Gil-kang (Queen Seon-deok),
      Seo Young-hee (Queen Seon-deok)
Golden Acting Award, Veteran Actor: Jung Ae-ri (I Can’t Stop), Kang Nam-gil (Creating Destiny)
Best Couple Award: Kim Nam-gil, Lee Yo-won (Queen Seon-deok)
Child Actor Award: Nam Ji-hyun (Queen Seon-deok), Lee Hyung-shik (Enjoy Life),
     Jeon Min-seo (Job Well Done)
Lifetime Achievement Award: writer Park Jung-ran (I Love You, Don’t Cry),
      MBC talent director Choi Jae-ho,
      baseball commentator Heo Gu-yeon)
PDs’ Award: Shin Goo (Queen Seon-deok)
Family Award: Enjoy Life
Writer of the Year: Kim Young-hyun, Park Sang-hyun (Queen Seon-deok),
      Park Ji-eun (Queen of Housewives)
Radio, Top Excellence Award: Sohn Seok-hee (Sohn Seok-hee’s Attention Focus)
Radio, Excellence Award: Park Myung-soo (Park Myung-soo’s 2 o’clock Date),
      Shin Dong (Shin Dong, Kim Shin-young’s Shimshimtapa)
Radio, Newcomer: Tae-yeon (Tae-yeon’s Good Friends)

2009 SBS Drama Awards

Daesang: Jang Seo-hee (Wife’s Temptation)
Top Excellence, Actor: So Ji-sub (Cain & Abel)
Top Excellence, Actress: Kim Mi-sook (Brilliant Legacy)
Special Production, Actor Award: Lee Seung-gi (Brilliant Legacy), Park Shi-hoo (Family Honor)
Special Production, Actress Award: Han Hyo-joo (Brilliant Legacy)
Special Production, Supporting Actor: Kang Seok-woo (Smile You)
Special Production, Supporting Actress: Cha Hwa-yeon (Angel’s Temptation)
Drama Special, Actor Award: Cha Seung-won (City Hall)
Drama Special, Actress Award: Kim Sun-ah (City Hall)
Drama Special, Supporting Actor: Baek Seung-hyun (Cain & Abel)
Drama Special, Supporting Actress: Na Young-hee (Style)
Serial Drama, Actor Award: Byun Woo-min (Wife’s Temptation)
Serial Drama, Actress Award: Kim Seo-hyung (Wife’s Temptation )
Serial Drama, Supporting Actor: Choi Joon-yong (Wife’s Temptation)
Serial Drama, Supporting Actress: Lee Hwi-hyang (Loving You A Thousand Times)
Best Couple: Lee Seung-gi, Han Hyo-joo (Brilliant Legacy)
Netizens’ Popularity Award: Jang Geun-seok (You’re Beautiful)
Producers’ Award: Jung Kyung-ho (Ja Myung Go, Smile You), Yoon Jung-hee (Family Honor)
Child Actor Award: Jung Yoon-seok (Wife’s Temptation), Kim Soo-jung (Two Wives)
Lifetime Achievement: Park Hyo-jung (Brilliant Legacy)
New Star Awards, Actors: Lee Yong-woo (Style), Kim Bum (Dream),
      Lee Hong-ki (You’re Beautiful), Jung Yong-hwa (You’re Beautiful),
      Jung Kyeo-woon (Loving You A Thousand Times), Kim Tae-hyun (Angel’s Temptation)
New Star Awards, Actresses: Sohn Dam-bi (Dream), Lee Min-jung (Smile You),
      Oh Young-shil (Wife’s Temptation), Park Shin-hye (You’re Beautiful),
      Lee So-yeon (Angel’s Temptation), Lee Tae-im (Don’t Heistate)
Top 10 Stars: So Ji-sub (Cain & Abel), Cha Seung-won (City Hall),
      Lee Seung-gi (Brilliant Legacy), Bae Soo-bin (Brilliant Legacy),
      Jang Geun-seok (You’re Beautiful), Han Hyo-joo (Brilliant Legacy),
      Kim Sun-ah (City Hall), Jang Seo-hee (Wife’s Temptation),
      Lee Soo-kyung (Loving You A Thousand Times), Kim Hye-soo (Style)

2009 KBS Drama Awards

Daesang: Lee Byung-heon (IRIS)
Top Excellence Awards:
Drama Series, Actor: Sohn Hyun-joo (Sons of Sol Pharmacy)
Drama Series, Actress: Chae Shi-ra (Iron Empress)

Excellence Awards:
Daily Series, Actor: Oh Man-seok (Everybody Cha Cha Cha)
Daily Series, Actress: Jo Ahn (Everybody Cha Cha Cha)
Miniseries, Actor: Ji Jin-hee (The Man Who Can’t Get Married)
Miniseries, Actress: Kim Ah-joong (Accidental Couple)
Drama Series, Actor: Kim Seung-woo, Jung Jun-ho (IRIS)
Drama Series, Actress: Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers), Kim Tae-hee (IRIS)
One-Act Special, Actor: Kim Kyu-chul (Hometown of Legends)
One-Act Special, Actress: Kim Sung-eun (Hometown of Legends)
Supporting Actor: Yoon Joo-sang (Sons of Sol Pharmacy, IRIS), Choi Chul-ho (Iron Empress)
Supporting Actress: Moon Jung-hee (Iron Empress)
Actor, Youth: Park Chang-ik (Father’s House)
Actress, Youth: Park Eun-bin (Iron Empress)
Newcomer Award, Actor: Lee Min-ho (Boys Before Flowers)
Newcomer Award, Actress: Kim So-eun (Boys Before Flowers)

Writer Award: Jo Jung-sun (Sons of Sol Pharmacy)
Popularity Award: Yoon Sang-hyun, Yoon Eun-hye (My Fair Lady),
      Kim So-yeon (IRIS)
Lifetime Achievement: Yeo Woon-kye

Best Couple: Yoon Eun-hye, Yoon Sang-hyun (My Fair Lady)
      Lee Byung-heon, Kim Tae-hee (IRIS)
      Lee Pil-mo, Yoo Sun (Sons of Sol Pharmacy)
      Lee Min-ho, Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers)
Netizens’ Award, Actor: Lee Byung-heon (IRIS)
Netizens’ Award, Actress: Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers)


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