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The Best Korean Drama

The Best Korean Drama

2008 Drama Awards

2008 KBS Drama Awards

Daesang: Kim Hye-ja (Mom’s Dead Upset)
Top Excellence (Actor): Song Il-kook (Kingdom of the Wind)
Top Excellence (Actress): Kim Ji-soo (Women in the Sun)
Excellence (Miniseries, Actor): Jung Jin-young (Kingdom of the Wind)
Excellence (Miniseries, Actress): Lee Hana (Women in the Sun)
Weekly Drama (Actor): Lee Won-jong (Great King Sejong)
Weekly Drama (Actress): Lee Yoon-ji (Great King Sejong)
Daily Drama (Actor): Lee Pil-mo (You’re My Destiny)
Daily Drama (Actress): Kim Jung-nan (You’re My Destiny)
Supporting Actor: Kim Yong-gun (Mom’s Dead Upset), Eom Ki-joon (The World They Live In)
Supporting Actress: Bae Jong-ok (The World They Live In)
New Actor: Jung Kyeo-woon (Women in the Sun)
New Actress: Yoon-ah (You’re My Destiny)
Popularity Award (Actor): Jang Geun-seok (Hong Gil Dong)
Popularity Award (Actress): Jang Mi-hee (Mom’s Dead Upset), Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)
Young Actor: Lee Hyun-woo (Great King Sejong)
Young Actress: Shim Eun-kyung (Women in the Sun)
Special Drama/One-Act Drama (Actor): Yoon Hee-seok (TV Literature – Spring Spring Spring)
Special Drama/One-Act Drama (Actress): Park Min-young (Hometown of Legends)
Best Couple: Kim Yong-gun & Jang Mi-hee (Mom’s Dead Upset), Song Il-kook & Choi Jung-won (Kingdom of the WindKang Ji-hwan & Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)
Netizen Award: Kang Ji-hwan (Hong Gil Dong), Yoon-ah (You’re My Destiny)
Lifetime Achievement: Yoo Chul-joo, lighting director
Friendship Award: Lee Hyo-jung
Special Award: Samhwa Neworks CEO Shin Hyun-taek (Mom’s Dead Upset)

2008 SBS Drama Awards

Daesang/Grand Prize: Moon Geun-young (Painter of the Wind)
Top Excellence: Lee Junki (Iljimae), Kim Haneul (On Air), Song Yoon-ah (On Air)
Acting Award (Special Project): Jang Hyuk (Tazza), Han Ye-seul (Tazza)
Acting (Drama Special): Park Yong-ha (On Air), Choi Kang-hee (My Sweet Seoul)
Acting (Serial Drama): Ahn Nae-sang (First Wives Club), Oh Hyun-kyung (First Wives Club), Kim Hye-sun (First Wives Club)
Supporting Role (Drama Special): Sohn Hyun-joo (Tazza)
Supporting Role (Special Project): Kim So-yeon (Gourmet)
Supporting Role (Serial Drama): Kim Hee-jung (First Wives Club)
Netizen Popularity Award: Lee Junki (Iljimae)
Best Couple: Moon Geun-young & Moon Chae-won (Painter of the Wind)
Top 10 Stars: Kim Rae-won (Gourmet), Ahn Nae-sang (First Wives Club), Park Yong-ha(On Air), Lee Beom-soo (On Air), Lee Junki (Iljimae), Kim Haneul (On Air), Moon Geun-young (Painter of the Wind), Song Yoon-ah (On Air), Oh Hyun-kyung (First Wives Club),Han Ye-seul (Tazza)
New Star Award: Ji Hyun-woo (My Sweet Seoul), Im Jung-eun (Aquarius), Lee Sang-woo (First Wives Club), Cha Ye-ryun (Working Mom), Lee Joon-hyuk (First Wives Club),Han Hyo-joo (Iljimae), Ha Suk-jin (Happiness), Yoon So-yi (City of Glass), Chae Young-in (Happiness), Bae Soo-bin (Painter of the Wind), Moon Chae-won (Painter of the Wind)
Producer’s Award: Bong Tae-kyu (Working Mom), Moon Jung-hee (My Sweet Seoul)
Lifetime Achievement: Moon Young-nam, writer (First Wives Club)
Producer’s Achievement Award: Go Dae-hwa (CEO, Olive Nine)
Friendship Award: Do Ki-seok (Iljimae)
Child Actor Award: Yeo Jin-gu (Iljimae), Kim Yoo-jung (Iljimae)

2008 MBC Drama Awards

Daesang/Grand Prize: Kim Myung-min (Beethoven Virus), Song Seung-heon (East of Eden)
Top Excellence (Actor): Jo Jae-hyun (New Heart), Jung Jun-ho (The Last Scandal of My Life)
Top Excellence (Actress): Lee Mi-sook (East of Eden),
      Bae Jong-ok (Woman of Matchless Beauty Park Jung-geum)
Excellence (Actor): Lee Dong-gun (When Night Comes), Jo Min-ki (East of Eden)
Excellence (Actress): Han Ji-hye (East of Eden), Moon Sori (Golden Age of My Life)
New Actor: Park Hae-jin (East of Eden), Jang Geun-seok (Beethoven Virus)
New Actress: Lee So-yeon (Golden Age of My Life), Lee Yeon-hee (East of Eden)
Popular Actor: Song Seung-heon (East of Eden)
Popular Actress: Lee Yeon-hee (East of Eden)

Golden Actor Award, Miniseries Category: Ji SungKim Min-jung (New Heart)
Golden Acting Award, Serial Drama: Park Geun-hyung (Woman of Matchless Beauty Park Jung-geum and East of Eden), Hong Eun-hee (Don’t Hesitate)
Golden Acting Award, Supporting Actor: Park Chul-min (New Heart and Beethoven Virus),
      Shin Eun-jung (East of Eden)
Golden Acting Award, Mid-level actor: Yoo Dong-geun (East of Eden); Song Ok-sook(Beethoven Virus)

Best Couple: Song Seung-heon & Lee Yeon-hee (East of Eden)
Drama of the Year: Beethoven Virus
Special Child Actor Award: Park Gun-tae, Shin Dong-woo, Nam Ji-hyun (East of Eden)
Lifetime Achievement: Choi Jin-shil (The Last Scandal of My Life)
Special PD Award: Lee Soon-jae (Beethoven Virus); Yeon Jung-hoon (East of Eden)

Family Award: I Love You, Don’t Cry
Writer of the Year Award: Na Yeon-sook (East of Eden),
      Hong Jin-ah, Hong Ja-ram (Beethoven Virus),
      Kim Eun-hee (MBC Special)

Radio Top Excellence: Lee Moon-sae (This Is Lee Moon-sae In the Morning)
Radio Excellence: Kang-in (Good Friend); Kang Seok-woo (Women’s Era)
Radio Rookie Award: Kim Shin-young


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